Selected talks


Visual language: How generating drives understanding
Tel Aviv NLP Group Seminar, February 28

Claim verification from visual language on the web
Idiap Perspectives on AI: AI and Democracy, February 21


Practical Session on NLP & Transformers
Khipu Latin America Meeting in Artificial Intelligence, March 8

WinoDict: Probing language models for in-context word acquisition
Zurich NLP Meetup, May 10


Panel on past, present and future of table representation
TRL: Table Representation Learning Workshop @ NeurIPS, December 2

Efficient Methods for Learning from Tables
SUKI: Structured and Unstructured Knowledge Integration @ NAACL, July 14


Parsing Structured Data from the Web
Data Science Argentina Discussion Panel, August 27

Neural Solutions to discrete problems and applications
FCEyN Virtual Machine Learning Seminar, May 14


Know what you don't know: Tools to measure uncertainty in deep learning
Data Science Argentina, HQ, August 8

Running ML in your browser with TensorFlow.js
Google I/O Extended, Santander HQ, July 20

Bayesian A|B Testing
Data Science Day, University of Buenos Aires, June 7

TensorFlow Dev Summit Highlights
Buenos Aires TensorFlow Meetup, March 19


Going conversational with the Google Assistant
DevFest Mexico, December 8

Life After Word Embeddings: Language modeling for transfer learning in NLP
Applied Machine Learning Lab, University of Buenos Aires, November 23
PyData Córdoba, September 29

Machine Learning highlights from Google I/O y F8
TensorFlow Buenos Aires Meetup, June 20

Conversational AI Scene in Argentina
World Bot Meetup, San Francisco, May 3

Winning the game of GO
Campus Party Argentina, April 26

Classifying text in TensorFlow
TensorFlow Buenos Aires Meetup, March 21

Build your first Messenger Bot
Facebook Developer Circle Meetup, March 2


Tools for successful NLP solutions
Google Launchpad Accelerator Mentor, November 10

Application of ML in the industry
Google Launchpad Accelerator Mentor, October 27

Natural Language Processing Toolkit
Nardoz Meetup, September 7


Bots: challenges for the financial industry
Financial Innovation Hackathon, November 19


Crowd-sourcing the knowledge graph at Facebook
ICML Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning Workshop, Lille, France, July 10