From a young age I got involved with math and programming contests, where I got to travel to many international competitions and obtained gold and silver medals in some, but learned a lot in every single one. I graduated from a M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics at University of Buenos Aires in 2013, where I worked on homological algebra.

After school, I joined Facebook in a Machine Learning heavy team focusing on improving the social network knowledge graph through crowd-sourcing. On that team, I developed patents, published and presented our work at top tier conferences.

At botmaker, the VC-backed startup we co-founded in 2016, I led our ML efforts, focusing on everything NLP. The company helps businesses build & train multi-platform chat-bots and processes millions of messages a day mostly in Spanish and Portuguese, where none of the pre-cooked solutions work very well. We had lots a success stories to be proud about, but I specially value having worked with the Argentinean Government to ensure that teen mothers get all of their medical checks on time. In 2019 I joined ASAPP as an NLP Researcher, where I worked on controlled text generation and question answering on knowledge bases.

Currently I am AI Resident at Google Zurich in the language team, were I am working on semantic parsing, textual entailment and structured content understanding.

For my research, I'm interested in Natural Language Processing in low-resource languages, transfer learning and few-shot learning. I am passionate about building a strong, inclusive and diverse community for Machine Learning researchers and practitioners, since I believe this field will play a key role for emerging countries in the years to come.

I co-organize the Buenos Aires TensorFlow meetup, so make sure to reach out if you are in town and want to give a talk or attend one of our gatherings. In my free time, I also enjoy rock climbing and Tango dancing.

If you want to chat, my DMs are open on Twitter, just say Hi!