From a young age I got involved with math and programming contests, where I got to travel to many international competitions and obtained gold and silver medals in some, but learned a lot in every single one. I graduated from a M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics at University of Buenos Aires in 2013, where I worked on homological algebra.

After school, I joined Facebook in a Machine Learning heavy team focusing on improving the social network knowledge graph through crowd-sourcing. On that team, I developed patents, published and presented our work at top tier conferences.

At botmaker, the VC-backed startup we co-founded in 2016, I lead our ML efforts, focusing on everything NLP. The company helps businesses build & train multi-platform chat-bots and processes millions of messages a day mostly in Spanish and Portuguese, where none of the pre-cooked solutions work very well. We have lots a success stories to be proud about, but I specially value having worked with the Argentinean Government to ensure that teen mothers get all of their medical checks on time.

For my research, I'm interested in Natural Language Processing in low-resource languages, transfer learning and few-shot learning. I am passionate about building a strong, inclusive and diverse community for Machine Learning researchers and practitioners, since I believe this field will play a key role for emerging countries in the years to come.

I co-organize the Buenos Aires TensorFlow meetup, so make sure to reach out if you are in town and want to give a talk or attend one of our gatherings. In my free time, I also enjoy rock climbing and Tango dancing.

If you want to chat, my DMs are open on Twitter, just say Hi!